Friday, July 27, 2012

Banner Designer Interview Questions

Banner Designers are the people who are skilled to design banners for advertisements or other purposes. There are many companies who hire banner designers for different kind of banner making. Banner Designer Interview Questions are the questions which are directed towards the candidate sitting for an interview with a company who is interested in getting banners designed for their products. Banners can also be to endorse a political party or for displaying a piece of information or notice. Thus the questions asked in the interview must be directly related to the topic and must be good enough to judge if the candidate is the right choice or not?

Sample Banner Designer Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • What are the major clients that you have worked for before?
  • Can you name a few products for which you have designed banners?
  • A banner can be used to send a social message as well. Do you think that banners should be provocative in nature?
  • Have you won any special acclaims for any of your banner design?
  • What are the latest banner making trends in the market?
  • Do you use animation as well if required?
  • Do you also design web based banners?
  • Which software do you use for web banners?
  • What is the major difference between designing a web based banner and a physical banner?
  • Have you done a course in web banner designing?
  • How much do you expect us to pay you for a web banner?

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