Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to prepare for Group Discussion

Group discussions are meant to test the ability of the candidate to performin a team. The candidate has to use all his influence and persuasive skills tobe successful in the group discussions. To prepare for the group discussion thegroup must divide the topic amongst themselves. The group must use reasoning tobe able to perform well in the discussion. To analyze the knowledge of othersin the group one must ask questions so that everyone in the group canparticipate in the discussion. Expressing the opinion without being aggressiveis the key to success in the group discussion. While preparing for a groupdiscussion the conflict and argument must be avoided as it can kill the groupdiscussion and its motive. Some important tips to keep in mind while preparingfor the group discussion are:
  • The candidate must try to be focused on the topic without deviating from it.
  • One must have a clear balance between quality and quantity talk thus he must talk only if he has something valuable to say or share with the group.
  • The applicant must be very confident but at the same time he has to be polite. He should not only be a good speaker but a good listener as well to get the success in the discussion.
  • When one person is speaking no side talk should happen.
  • In the group everyone must get a chance to express their views one by one and when a person is speaking others must listen carefully.
  • The applicant must try to become the group leader to win the discussion but it should be with the conscience of the group.
  • The group leader must have a fair behavior and he should not be biased towards anyone.
  • The group must behave like a group with some sort of bonding and flow in the discussion to make it a triumph.

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