Thursday, November 24, 2011

Senior Accounts Manager Interview Questions

Senior accounts manager interview questions are asked to a candidate, who issitting for the interview and is interested to work on the same job position.This set of interview questions helps to grab an overview of a candidate’sprofessional abilities, working experience and educational qualification.

Sample Senior Accounts managerInterview Questions:

  • Tell us about your tertiary educational qualifications?
  • Explain the three key strengths and weakness of your resume?
  • What is the last scenario introduced by the government in terms of tax laws? Tell us the current percentage slab for vendor and corporate sales.
  • What is your technique of reducing costs of your department to benefit the organization?
  • How do you invest your senior accounting skills and leadership abilities to control your department? How do you motivate your team to improve productivity to meet certain official deadlines?
  • State if you have raised any special accounting process and suggested any account application package in your career?
  • According to you, what are the two major advantages of accessing accounts software and what types of errors you generally noticed in a software printed invoice?
  • According to you, how a strong customer relationship helps to grow the accounts department, improving accounting trends and tacking & resolving potential client accounting issues?
  • Demonstrate your technique of managing large accounting work, internal & external communications and securing confidential accounting details?
  • State your approach of implementing accounts strategies and suggesting the beneficial improvements to bring transparency in accountancy tasks?
  • Define the flexible accounts systems? How this system helps to face the biggest accounting challenges?

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