Thursday, November 24, 2011

Real Estate Accountant Interview Questions

Real estate accountant interview questions are asked to a candidate, who isattempting an interview for the designation of a real estate accountant. Thisquestion set helps to obtain an overview that how good a candidate is. Bymeasuring previous experience, expert abilities of handling various real estateprocedures and reviewing the educations skills, a deserving contender is hiredby the concerned department.

Sample Real Estate accountantInterview Questions

  • Tell us something about your experience as a real estate accountant?
  • What do you understand from real estate management system? Explain, why this term is important for running a real estate business smooth & successfully?
  • Mention primary job responsibilities of a real estate accountant in the organization? Explain the method of preparing consolidated real estate statements?
  • What are the fundamental requirements for managing and handling a newly introduced real estate project? Discuss the legal services involved in such a project management?
  • How do you review and write the real estate financial statement for a corporate client? State the basic requirements for the same?
  • Explain terms: inter- company real estate accounts, general ledger, cash sweep, forecasting analysis.
  • How do you participate in the auditing procedure? What is your core strategy to save the record shelves and securing the confidential real estate data?
  • Have you encountered with a serious issue of a client alleging mistakes in the real estate documentation? If yes, what approach do you adopt to satisfy such a client?
  • How do you coordinate with the concerned department to ensure the bimonthly payroll journal entries?
  • Do you think, you can meet the deadlines for annual report fillings, annual budget preparation, quarterly reporting and review of rent collections?

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