Thursday, November 24, 2011

Insurance Accountant Interview Questions

Insurance accountant interview questions are prepared to screen thecandidates, who are interested in serving on the offered designation in aparticular organization. After evaluating the educational skills, workingexperience and proficiency, the selection committee finalizes the deservingcandidates for the available vacancy.

Sample Insurance accountantInterview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your previous job experience.  Discuss the weakness of your candidature?
  • What do you understand from a term insurance accountant? Mention the primary job duties of this job designation?
  • How do you rate your knowledge of handling and conducting insurance accounts procedures?   Define insurance in one line?
  • Explain general insurance? Name the five available general insurances?
  • State the formula for calculating gratuity? Explain the key factors of measuring gratuity?
  • State the difference between an insurance policy, fund pension and a health plan. How do you compile the data of these categories into a sub ledger?
  • Explain the technique used to process the journal entries in insurance accounts?
  • What is the new slab introduced to calculate the taxes on billings? Explain us the flow of taxes in a general ledger?
  • According to you, what is the key difference between expanses and expenditure? How are these entities calculated in the payroll and billing system separately?
  • Explain the procedure of updating the database with the latest insurance accounting comments? What is the benefit of this?
  • Discuss the cash collateral procedures and charts of accounts? Explain the format for ageing reporting, MDA & LTA.
  • How do you prepare GIRP reporting and applications? Discuss the procedure of supervising insurance related terms such as a fixed deposit, fund transactions and payment debits?

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